HY-LYTE 300 Electrolyte analyzer

  • ISE(Ion Selectivity Electrode)
  • Easy assemble and disassemble electrode
  • Low reagent consumption
  • maintenance –free electrodes
  • Automatic reagent replacement alert
  • Simple and reliable design of fluid tubing system and electrodes, minimize the maintenance work


  • Technology: ISE(Ion Selectivity Electrode),Measurement of Tco2 by pressure method
  • Sample: Serum/Urine/CSF
  • Sample Volume: 100-200ul
  • Reagent Volume: 2 times sample volume
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour
  • Calibration: Automatic or On-demand
  • Printer: Inner Thermal Printer
  • Display: 320*240 Touch screen
  • Storage: Up to 2000 tests
  • Input and output: RS232 seerial port , free software to connect with LIS
  • Working Conditions: Temperature:15-30℃
  • Humidity: 20%-80%
  • Power Requirement: 110~240AV±10%, 50/60 Hz, 80W
  • Net weight: 7 KG


Model      Test items
GE300A      K+ , Na+
GE300B      K+, Na+, Cl-
GE300C      K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+, TCa, pH
GE300D      K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+
GE300E      K+, Na+, Cl-, Li+
GE300F      K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+, pH, TCO2, TCa, AG, KT